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Hello everyone who would like to communicate with company CHCI SE MÍT LÍP. I am an ordinary guy with casual problems and worries. I was considering buying a little house for ages because I didn’t want to pay an overpriced rent for the apartment in Prague. Despite the fact that I was officially earning above the average income, I had difficulties getting a mortgage. Friend of mine recommended Mr. Budar whom I called, however, I did not expect him to help me much. Soon after that, Mr. Budar found a solution for my problem and we could finally get a mortgage and live in our OWN HOUSE. Today, I am endlessly grateful to Vojta (Mr.Budar) for finding a way how to buy my own house and for a great deal on monthly mortgage instalments which I have no trouble paying. Finally, I know how holidays taste. Once more, I would like to thank CHCI SE MÍT LÍP and especially Vojta. I will be always happy to see you, Vojta! Thank you
Radovan SýkoraTechnician | Doubravčice | House reconstruction & optimizing portfolio
Dealing with banks and insurance companies might get pretty tiring and really difficult. For that reason, it is truly priceless to have someone to do this difficult task for  you and literary fight for you and your best interests. Having said that, I would like to thank Mr. Budař for his help and support when we were building our house. There were many obstacles on the way, however, Mr. Budař dealt with all of them gracefully.
Family ŠlapákoviOffice worker & car mechanic | Babice u Říčan | Construction new house & optimizing portfolio
A company CHCI SE MÍT LÍP saved us few ten thousand Czech Crown by refinancing unfavorable loan. Thanks to that, we build our savings which we can frequently check and know their balance. Further, when hailstones damaged our car, CHCI SE MÍT LÍP handled all necessities with insurance company and we didn’t have to make a single call. We are truly satisfied with how this company deals with any difficulties and situations which we have encountered while building up our financial portfolio. They are fast, reliable, kindred spirits, and honest. I highly recommend Mr. Budar and his company.
Family BuškoviHealth visitor & driver | Prague 11 | Optimizing portfolio
I work as a real estate agent for years. Mortgage loans are an inseparable part of my job because it goes hand in hand with buying a property. After my experience with Mr. Vojtěch Budař and his service, I have to admit, he belongs to the exclusive group of financial advisors who are real professionals  He is flexible and takes his job very seriously and responsibly. My clients appreciate his knowledge of the field and great attentiveness.
Michaela MandováReal estate agent | Úvaly | Optimizing portfolio & business partner
I work with Vojta over 5 years and I am very happy with what we have achieved together. He has moved forward by miles since we have started to work together. We were discovering financial from scratch together. He has moved by miles since then and I can tell with peace of mind that he is a professional who knows what he is doing and is able to give good advice in any area of financial services and real estate.
Filip KrejzaManager & business partner | Prague 2
We have very positive experience with Mr. Budař and his company. They are true professionals with a great knowledge. I highly recommend their services, they can do miracles! I truly value their effort and giving regular updates during the process. The world needs more people like this.
Vítězslav KarelDriver | Svojšice u Kolína | House reconstruction & investing
Thank you Chci se mít líp s.r.o. and mainly Mr. Budař for securing a smooth construction of our family house. I appreciate our cooperation. Since I am an entrepreneur, it wasn’t easy to find a bank which would lend us a sufficient amount of money. Mr. Budar came up with elaborate financial plan and succeeded in getting us suitable mortgage. His business partner built our house according to our expectations and for a reasonable price. I surely recommend them.
Ing. Petr KuchařBusinessman | Prague 6 | Construciton new house & optimizing & investing
Chci se mít líp manages our family finances. At the first meeting, they revised all our financial products and offered alternative measures for the most effective and least costly financial products. After that they tailored a saving plan for a short and long period of time which would suit our family needs. We received printed review of our new contracts which was quite handy. They also answered all our questions regarding financial products as well as recommended trustworthy apps and other products which ease the servicing of our financial products. The company is also oriented in real estate market and are willing to help coordinate searching of real estates and ensure the best possible financing of them. I believe this is how a complex care of client looks like. They are available for personal meetings, even willing to meet you at your house if needed. Further, they are available on the phone or text messages. I would recommended “Chci se mít líp” for their supreme knowledge of the field and a complex client service.
Ing. Vendula Hemzalová, Ph.D.Consultant for ecological construction | Úvaly | Optimizing portfolio, real estate consultancy, regular investing
I am extremely satisfied with “Chci se mít líp” services. They work fast and reliable which really helps. Thank you.
Martina Červená a Jiří NejedlýHealth visitor & car mechanic | Sušice | Optimizing portfolio, purchase of real estate, investing
I consider myself lucky to work with Vojtěch Budař, he has guided me through financial world and I can finally say I have a decent level of financial literacy. I was really bad at handling my finances and yet he was able to explain all products to me clearly and simply enough. I believe he is one of the best in Czech Republic! And if you are looking for someone to help you with planning your future and financial goals, he is the right one for you!
Lukáš FoučekTattoo master in v 67 Tattoo | Prague 2 | Investing, house construction
I approached Mr. Vojtěch Budař based on a friend’s recommendation and we have been working together for some time by now. He truly accommodates all my requests and is always eager to help and complete anything necessary. He is always kind and polite and I can’t be more happy with his services. I will keep recommending him.
Blanka OplíštilováOwner of beaty salon | Prague 10 | Optimizing portfolio, investing
We are truly grateful for the care and help. Excellent and fast communication, kind approach and first-class services. We were always very well informed and he always answered each of our questions. “Chci se mít líp” helped us make our dreams come true. I would truly recommend their services to anyone.
Jan Kapeš a Markéta VeseláIT technician & florist owner | Brandýs nad Labem | Attic built in apartment, optimizing portfolio, investing
We weren’t so much convinced about having financial advisor after a bad experience earlier with someone else, however, after a few minutes during our first meeting with Mr. Budař we were relaxed and shortly after we regained trust in financial advisors. His professional and humanly approach is very pleasant. We appreciate that he doesn’t push us to anything and give us our space to think everything through. Thanks to “Chci se mít líp” we are no longer afraid to get old because we know can handle it financially. We also save for our daughter and once she reaches her adult age, she can decide how to allocate her savings. Once a year we have a service meeting where we discuss what has happened during that year and we also adjust our financial products if needed. We are looking forward to our next meeting and we wish you the best and many satisfied clients.
Family HlinovštíBusinessmen | Prague 6 | Optimizing portfolio, regular & one time investment
The company Chci se mít líp s.r.o. advised me how to increase profit and decrease costs of my company finances. I run short term rentals in Prague 1 and 7 and now I am expanding my portfolio of apartments. “Chci se mít líp” got me the best possible financing of a new property and mediated legal services which helped the whole process. I would like to thank “Chci se mít líp” for its brilliant service and I will keep recommending them to other companies.
EIA systém s.r.o.Business Company | Prague 1 | Investing property & management of corporate finances
I appreciate Mr. Budař and his services, especially how knowledgeable he is in the field of financial products. He is always up to date with important changes and keep informing us. I would also like to emphasize his proactive approach and friendly atmosphere he keeps creating on each meeting. He is also very patient with explaining us everything. I can only recommend his services.
Lucie PalmováOffice worker | Nupaky | Optimizing portfolio
We are truly grateful for the care and help. Excellent and fast communication, kind approach and first-class services. We were always very well informed and he always answered each of our questions. “Chci se mít líp” helped us make our dreams come true. I would truly recommend their services to anyone.
Bc. Petr HamouzKey Account Manager, Mafra a.s. | Prague 8 | Investing, optimizing portfolio & business partner
I would like to review our experience with Mr. Budař and the company “Chci se mít líp”. The company helped us to buy our own house which was very important since we were expecting to have a baby soon. Unfortunately, we didn’t have nearly any financial reserves and my girlfriend was an entrepreneur which is always a bit of an obstacle while getting a mortgage compared to being an employee. We arranged a few meetings with other financial advisors before meeting Mr. Budař and they did not find a way to accommodate our needs. After meeting Mr. Budař, everything has changed. Thanks to his great knowledge and being informed enough, he managed to get us a mortgage which even provided us with more cash while paying a low monthly installments. He was always ready to help and educate us in any segment of finances you can imagine. He exceeded our expectations. Especially, how effortlessly he manages to optimize all our products and reduce our monthly expenses. He is focused on individual approach and always delivers the best service possible. Thank you for helping us reach our goal without being overly stressed. We really enjoy our new apartment with a little garden. Thank you!
Patrik Němec a Veronika KrošlákováCar mechanic & beautician | Milovice | Purchase of real estate, real estate advising, optimizing portfolio