Buying of investment property

We will make a customized financial plan, advise you with the choice of the ideal property for renting purposes, we accompany you to apartment walk-throughs and finally, we will secure the financing.

We will carefully chose the property as if we would be buying it for ourselves. Know that we will always aim for you to provide the least of your financial assets for buying the property, we are using so-called leverage effect in order to maximize your profit.

We will issue or double check your purchase agreement as well as mediate an escrow agreement for you.

We will design your interior effectively and provide high quality photos for further advertising of your property. We will find a lessee whose payment and credit history will be examined by our team so we can minimize any late or missing payment risks.

We will create such a lease agreement where a lessee in case of breaching the contract has a one month notice period before we terminate the agreement and during this one month we are eligible to enter the apartment with a new potential lessee. So we are maximizing the security of your investment. Most of all, there is no need to worry about any damages to the property because we are going to insure each tenant for damage liability coverage with limits up to 20 million CZK of damage costs. In case of insured event, we are handling all legal necessities and communication with an insurance company.

We are regularly updating the lease agreement as well as increase the rent by few hundred CZK per year.

Are you interested in buying an investment property? Let us know.